This site needs a title, so lets call it this:

A Place to Remit 

On the trail!  Best trail I know about that I only gone on a small portion is the New River Rail Trail - good for walking and riding a bike. I've had to conduct this "Test". Come on you pompous old farts.  Get your act together and make a choice.  If all you are is an old fart, then join the club of old farts - there is a bunch of em.  If your are pompous, I have not time for you, and if your a pompous old fart then I understand this happens and I pray for you because you lost the ability to learn - Not good to be so fixed in your ways that your brain starts losing bloodflow.  We need that blood to learn new things.  If you are a "pompous who" thinking about the poem below (it is metaphorical you must know), then maybe there is hope for you.  Because if you ain't thinking, you must be a puppet - could be your a puppet to your own self and that is the WORST because it spells inevitable doom.  Seems as so to me, but what do I know?
Oh and lastly, I'm not wasting more of my time on this little intro, but this is MY registered site.  I basically own it.  It is mine.  It is registered in my name and has been for many years.  Plus, lucky for me I know a few good lawyers (not many of them left) and I think they are fond of me, so they would help me understand the legal basis of WHY my site isn't publishing just now (It is Jan 31 2020 7:59 pm and this issue has been going on for several hours and it is unfair).  I'm sure there is record somewhere.  Might as well get it and learn and then there will be justified retribution if it is called for - but me personally, I get my facts straight before I do anything that I would later regret.  Serious business is what I'm talking about now.  Serious for all of us, and some of us are fedup enough to take this to the end.  Don't be a pompous who because you will be pulled in.  Simple as night and day.  Soon the discourse here will be vastly improving - that is what I'm imagining just now.  It is the month of February in 2020 and all I can say is:  PRAISE THE LORD!  It feels good to be alive.

 012520 6:13 am
Not kidding around - There was a snake.  Now its gone

Quess what - tis 12323 (Dec 3 2023 - years have passed)
- I mean years after this site was setup and now~ seems there are some entities got some hard lesson coming being entry has been refused to the owner of a registered site!
Oh my - some hard lessons on the way DIRECT!  
Definition #3 I seem to recall:  Get a clue you fools!  Ain't no snake out there that I'm scared of.  I like the snakes.  We need them and don't be a puppet OK - be your own person.  Be your own women and be your own man if you ain't a women.  OK? 
Well, this crazy month of January 2020 is finally coming to an end.......Praise the Lord.  I think some excitement is building up, but no for me.  For me calmness is in the cards and for that I'm thankful.  So had to take a brief "get-away" time today, but I'll try to keep this place published going forward.  For what it is worth.  It means a lot me, so that must be worth something.  So the Geico commercial that I "vote" for is that puppet one......that was funny.  OK - everything of mine is republished.  I claim copyright on all of it_time stamp:  13120 3:58 pm US EST time.  The patent should be coming along soon if my imagination is on target.  Ken Hausle is my name.  I live in Charlotte, NC.  You would not have believed the rain today - came out of nowhere, but the best part is that it also snowed - big flakes they were.  I have a picture.  Maybe I'll figure out how to get another picture posted here, but I don't know.
Hey this is Jan 27 2020 and it is late in the day, but I'm still around unless my wife does away with me - she could do it in a heartbeat.  But I hope she won't.  If you have no resilience, puppet or not, then you have nothing and you won't last.  So be resiliant to forces that might try to sway you from your principles.  Be resiliant.  We all are puppets in a way but if you are inwit your "puppetness" will gradually diminish until at some time it will be gone.  So hold onto that if you have nothing else to hold onto.  And if you can figure, you must know that as I type this I have been resilient for a long hard time.  Not so hard as others have suffered though, and that is why I am humble.  Signed, Buffalo Ken.  Look in the mirror and decide for yourself.
We could all use some rest, a bit less sadness, and some good laughs.  Spent the day (21520) so far with good long-time friends playing a few games for the sake of fellowship.  I think a good time was had by all.  Too much work is not healthy or balanced and actually results in less work getting done.  Peace.

Hi my name is Ken and I'm from Buffalo.  Buffalo, NY.  Quick question for you if you don't mind.  You ain't a puppet are you?  No puppets allowed here.
So, take a look in the mirror, take a steady thoughtful look, be true when you do it, and ask yourself:  Am I a puppet?  And honestly try to give yourself a truly honest opinion.  It could be that you are a puppet, so let me remind you:  No PUPPETS allowed here.  Have I made myself clear?
MERIT is what really matters and my LORD knows that.  Either we will all be gone, or we will figure out a better way together as I believe we whats the pain in suffering a bit of torture when in the end it makes no difference because we are all going to die if the puppets don't grow up and get a mind of their own.  That is how I see it just now.  Do you have a different opinion - if so, and it is a peaceful, then I am all ears.  As for the psycopaths who care not about the "percieved puppets in their own pompous minds", I think a HARD lesson is coming your way and it is coming soon - you have been warned and do your own due diligence before you make a choice you will later regret.
All puppets begone from this site of thinking and sharing.  Puppets - you have been warned - depart from this place if you have no mind of your own.
But if you realize now that you have been succumbing to strings you didn't even know were there, well then you are no longer a puppet and welcome to the human race.  Time for some JUSTICE don't you think?  I hope so, but I don't know what is gonna happen.  It is all a big mystery to me. I just want to ride that roller coaster one last time in memory of my childhood friend named "Cricket" - what a pal he was to me.  Peace is what we need.  Peace ain't "easy-peasy" but it is easy and if you don't think it is better I consider you a puppet of the psycopaths, and I don't understand that.  Also, please don't speak gibberish about a war to end all wars for the sake of Peace.  What a joke.  Don't you think or are you still a puppet?  If so, effing F off and go away.  You cannot help other than possibly pulling the string that pulled you for so long and you didn't even know.  Better learn be my advice.  
Oh, and here is the WORD of the day - HYPOCRISY - I see it all around me and why do you think there is so much polarization......duh.
It is February 3, 2020 on this part of the globe at this present moment ~6:41 pm EST US.  Here is the saying of the day from me:  LEAVE ME ALONE! Make of that what you will.  I'll tell you this though, and it is way more important than my saying -- sayings are a dime a dozen from me, in fact here is another:  One poor communication leads to another and somethimes things escalate....oops that last part wasn't needed, but it is true --- the important thing is today in front of my very eyes I witnessed quite the serious crow - hawk battle when I was sitting in my front yard on my property.  I'll keep it short:  The crows won this skirmish.  I was happy because I prefer crows, but I don't mind hawks.  I like both of em.  The basis of my skirmish victory statement is that one hawk literally got clipped twice by a crow.  I think it was the same hawk but hard to tell because there were three involved and probably about a six crows give or take 1 (does that constitue a "murder" of crows - I'd say so).  One time that thing (the hawk) was right over my head when it happened.  That must of hurt.  Lastly - that is "verb" definition #3 

It is 22720.  I wonder this:  Do "they" think they can stifle ALL of the real news?  They must be kidding themselves - hard lessons seem to be on the way. 
JUSTICE sometimes is HARD, SWIFT, and most importantly NECESSARY.  Justice must be served.  One way or the other.   
There are many men and women who should be freed from unjust detention.  The scales are in the balance.  Goofy magistrates with no merit have no place in the future I imagine.
Phase 1 - Project G is now complete for me - my work on this Project is DONE (21720).  (41720) Phase 2 - Project PP is likewise now complete as best I know how.  I can't do more on this phase, so it is on to Phase 3 I hope.  Phase 3 is Project K and this one is going to take a LONG time.  Probably the rest of my life.  The text below refers to a Phase 2 time and I'll keep it here for the sake of sentimentality.  The reality is I'll tell you this as well - Phase 2 is going to be a long-term effort for MANY besides me.  I'll add what I can when I will.  I think the message is out there and if it resonates, then Phase 2 will turn into something to be remembered...or so I'd like to think.  By the way, Project K is unlikely to ever be discussed here again.  I think this site of "remission" has run its course.  Today is April 18, 2020, and besides the one other post I will make on 4321 or thereabouts, this is the last you will hear from me here at this site.  It has been fun, but now I have some serious business to take care of......Ken.
Phase 2 - Project PP:  This Phase is now underway (21720 through 41720) - Reference Link:



A little running commentary will be starting here.  The story below is close to being done I think, but who knows


3120 (March 1, 2020) - so today I was planning to just take it easy.....I needed a day of calm repose.  Instead, I awoke to first disover my "Amazook" account had been hacked.  Completely hacked.  Yesterday it happened to my "Wal-Munk" account, and over the last week numerous attempts have been made on other accounts, some of which I didn't even remember that I had.  Well - sadly my day of repose was not meant to be and I have been putting defenses in place to stop these hackers who one must wonder - what do they think of themselves?  All they do is cause harm, so it seems to me, some jail time would do them good.  That is what justice should be, but take a look at who-is in the jails and dungeons and the dark places surrounded by brainless intimidators.  Oh boy, when that snake I know about curls back around there is going to be hell to pay.  


3120 (March 1, 2020 - 5:04 pm est) - Every day is a mystery.  Every day is a gift.  


3320  - I commence this day in honor of my dearly departed father.  He was a navy man and a fine dad if there ever was one.  He had a lot on his plate.  If he was still with us, he would be 90 today.  I love you dad and I know you (and Bob) are still out there watching over us.  I'll do my best because it ain't about the mammon for me - it is about love.  Today I will cast a vote for hope.   


3520  - Tomorrow, I shall be freed from "indentured servitude" employment. 

3620  - Freedom at last.  Now I work "for myself" again, and it is time for me to get back to work (and study), plus its been too long since I played a game.  I'll be back later if I can. 
31520  - Well, I got my final paycheck (supposedly) from my former company and let me tell you - what a disappointment.  Petty is what I call it. 
31620  - I desperately needed to get my bloodflow moving and so today this morning I used my big-time "weed-whacking" leaf shredder to shred the many leaves I've pushed off to the edges in my forest backyard.  There is more work to be done, but it was good exercise and I'm better because of it.  Afterwards, I took a long warm shower with plenty of steam and cleared out my lungs.  Reminded me a bit of Iceland.  What a place that is!  Hot water in abundance.  Took a family trip there in the Summer of 19.....good memories.
31720  - Is it not evident that we are literally world-wide (the whole globe of humanity) in the throes of a confluence of events?  I wonder what has caused this to happen.  I wonder what lessons will be learned.  Easy way or hard way, lessons are always learned until you either get better or go extinct.  Simple.  Oh yeah, to all my Irish Brothers and Sisters out there - Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
32520  - Somehow, I knew on 3/1/20 that the "S" was gonna hit the fan.  My daughter thinks I've got a knack for "patterns" and maybe that is so.  Maybe not.  I don't know.  Can you imagine more freedom on the way?  If you can, then you must realize that some prisoners who have committed no offense must be let free.  I've got a specific individual in my mind now, he is now in one of the worst prisons in England (Belmarsh) and it is so WRONG.  We all want freedom - peasants, kings, and queens alike.  
Is is exactly 1 day and 1 year from 4321  - Come back here in a day plus a year and I will have another post just below this one if my imagination is true.  When I make a commitment like this, let me tell you, I would walk through a swamp for two days straight and then swim across the river, climb the rocks, and hike through the forest barefoot to keep my commitment.  That is the kind of man I am.  Call me a thick-skulled, ridiculously stubborn, small-house, Swabian maniac if you want to, but when I say I'm gonna do something, I mean it.  I'm not playing around.  Reach out to me and send me a note - my email address is out there and it would be easy to find.  I'll respond if the note seems genuine.  I could use some new internet friends.  Not sure where this site is gonna go now because this story has basically been told.  There are other stories, but I think I won't ever do a big change to THIS site again.  Its just - I had to get rid of the snake and I did.  Twice.  Buffalo_Ken..... 

Is is 4321  - I made it.  I made it to this day and I'm thrilled to be here to post this last little note.  I know there are some typos that remain, but I'm not here to fix them.  I had a lot of fun telling this story and sharing my observations and I have more stories to tell and I plan on telling them.  I could talk your head off if you want me to.  A good story sticks with you and makes you think.  I think peace is easy.  I've said it all along and I have not lost faith.  I think things are fixing to get better and it is going to be wonderful.  A new dawn is upon us!  I don't know about you kind reader, but I'm excited!  It wasn't easy metaphorically walking barefoot in the forest, but I did it and I'm better because of it.  I've let go of my ego, but I haven't lost my dignity!  OK, lets count it down:  4.......3.......2.......1 ---- BLAST- OFF!  A new dawn is upon us.  Let there be Peace.  Yours truly, and signing off for good now:  Ken Hausle, aka "Buffalo_Ken", it is April 3, 2021 3:11 pm EST and I'm typing this from Fries, VA - our getaway place.  It is a fine place to be with friends and I'm a free man!  Praise the Lord!     

As an aside, I recently noticed that the fonts on this site are not the same on all browsers.  That was an odd discovery, but it makes no matter what the font is as long as you can translate - correct?  So, this idea I have about using specific definitions for certain easily misunderstood words (such as "clipped") is a good one.  I wonder if it will ever be recognized?  Oh well, recognition is really not all folks make it out to be.  There is always a deeper story that matters more than recognition, but the only way to understand this is to be in love!  Love can conquer fear - it is the only thing that can, but victory is not assured.  However, what is assured is that the fear-pushers will get their due......just a thought at this place to remit.....remission is a good thing.  

Let the ideas that resonate prevail - how could it be otherwise in this day and age?  Buffalo_Ken 

Hey guess what.  I got no problem with that snake I got rid of and it did NOT have two heads, but I do have a problem with those who betray their oaths to their county only because they are whipped into shape.  Can you say "puppet".

What was posted above is now gone.  I'll tell you this though.  The buffalo know - they were slaughtered for no reason and all the carcasses were just left out there to decay in the wind.  Wonder what Teddy Roosevelt thought about that?  I don't know, but I think I have a good idea.  But just now the hyprocisy has driven me close to insanity but I'll bounce out of it because I know my Lord and my Lord knows me.  To clarify, my Lord knows more than I could ever say and how could I say it after I was dead.  Know what I'm getting at here.  My Lord knows about my love and my faith and my diligence and I believe my Lord loves me.  I love my LORD with all my heart and all my brain and my soul.  I've got nothing but Love for my Lord and I think my Lord must know this, but it is a matter of faith.  Regardless, it makes no matter if the puppets remain clueless, so all I'm trying to do is honor my Lord and be thankful to my Lord for the chance that was provided for me to live and for that I'm thankful.  Have I made myself clear.  Psycopaths - there is still a way out of this maze but at this time it is up to you to choose.  As for me I have faith in my Lord and I believe my Lord will watch over my family and keep them safe and for this I will gladly offer myself up to torture and pain at the hand of those who ultimately will be destined to hellfire and torment --- all the while I will be relishing the time when I am close to my Lord.  Think about it and remember we are all destined to be petroleum in the ground.  The future could be so much better and I have a vison for that, but it ain't up to me.  It is up to my Lord.
After you are no longer a puppet, well then you must be a puppy or a baby or a newborn goat for that matter.  You just cut away from puppethood and that is a good thing.  So now you are no longer imaginary.  I said I was from Buffalo, NY didn't I?  There is nothing else and nowhere else in the world like that fine city off the coast of Lake Erie.  Ken
Feb 5 20 - a hard rain is coming to my town.  Now the outline below, I know you won't believe, comes from a file of mine dated July 31, 2005.  It seems prescient to me, but what do I the way, the Ryder truck driver that tried to kill me today.......well, I think he is dead now.  He is to me. 

Symbiotic, by Kenneth J. Hausle



Prologue -- Already written

..2520...10:49 pm...most of the story resides is written in hand.  Hand written.  I made images of the pages, but that is the only way it will ever be published.  Most of the story resides on those pages.  Come to my place as an invited guest and I will show you if you ask with reverence....because those pages contain a big part of my heart.  BUT, my heart left that place a long time ago, and my new heart was reborn.  I can prove it because I have two daughters who are the sunshine of my life, and I have my light, she is my wife. 

PART I – The Plan


Chapter 1 - The Lab

This chapter will begin the introduction of the antagonist forces that will come to focus their attention on Ben and Lisa.  A ringleader of these forces will be the authority at a top tier state-of-the art government biological lab.  The final step in the labs purpose will have just been completed.  Workers at the lab have no idea of this purpose -- except for one unfortunate individual.   The ringleader will terminate her, and an image of the sinister nature of the antagonist forces will be revealed.


Chapter 2 - The Fraternity

This chapter will address the following:

  1. Origin of the antagonist fraternity;
  2. Summary of beliefs including key belief that others must believe the same; and
  3. Method for implementing key belief.  (Note:  This method is carried out with the presumption that the key belief will spread in a self-fulfilling way).

The purpose of the chapter is to enable a better understanding and awareness of the Fraternity’s organization.


Chapter 3 - The Connection

This chapter will bring Ben back into the story.  It will establish Ben’s connection to the Lab.  Ben will be attending a funeral of an older friend who used to work at the lab, but had retired several years prior.  Ben is a consultant who was originally hired by this friend and had continued to work on and off with the lab even after his friend retired. Right now he is in the middle of a project.  During this funeral, the surprising “suicide” of the unfortunate women at the lab (Ch. 1) will come up.  A few days later Ben will be on-site working on his project, and the circumstances of the suicide including the belief of many that it was not accidental will again come up in the discussion.  Ben will simply listen.


Chapter 4 - The Decision

This chapter will connect the following dots:

  • Furtherance of antagonist belief system into the modern age;
  • The other ringleaders (there will only be a few – in addition to the lab authority, the other ringleaders will be one “political” individual and one “fundamental religious” individual);
  • The point that has been reached;
  • The Fraternity’s decision to act decisively;
  • Fraternity’s justification (rationalization) for this decision.


Chapter 5 - The Plan

The “Plan” will involve the following steps.

OK, tis 2820 2:47 pm EST, hold onto your hats figuratively - remember this outline was from an earlier time in the author's life, and so now in a sort of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood..."way".." I'm gonna try something new - not sure where this will go.

  • Protect “The Selected” (as chosen by the ringleaders); Nay, lets say instead:  Protect "The Peasants" from the predators.  Protect the puppets from the "Dominators"
  • Release “The Contaminant Organism" it is harmless actually - all it does is make you think;  
  • Organize and Facilitate Systematic “Clean Up”;
  • Establish Authority Nay, lets say instead:  Establish something better 
  • Commence the New Order (only general information will be provided)
OK, that is the first major edit (2820 - Chapter 5 - The Plan): Let me tell you this story will be evolving in real time - it never stays static - it is always in flux - as long as I'm around.  You may sense a theme in these initial "blue" edits above - it may not be a "once upon a time", but rather proactively fending off what seems otherwise inevitable.  It is good to dream, but not all dreams come true.  But, one dream leads to another and I declare no harm.  This site is not for puppets but it is basically harmless.  Hey, please don't try to answer this if you are a puppet, but what you think could be better than that?  I know one that is and if the conversation keeps getting better, then I'll tell - in reality, I already have and that is the beauty of it!  But, lately it has occurred to me that sometime it is better to be a bit less metaphorical in my just I love the metaphor....I love the double means you have to think deeper to get to the bottom of the rabbit hole. 

Chapter 6 – Protect the Selected

OK, it is still 2820, now 4:46 pm EST, and I'm going to continue with the edit of this outline - in blue.

This chapter will describe those whom the Fraternity ringleaders have chosen to protect and the means for achieving this.  Get rid of term "ringleader".  Those to be “saved” will reside primarily in North America, Europe, and Australia in that order, and to a lesser extent India and Asia.  Delete this whole sentance.  Their total numbers will be approximately 30 million (this is a stupid number - nullify it and replace with:  one much bigger or just acknowledge the uncertainty with honesty).  Protection will be in the form of an antidote to be distributed from believing churches predominantly of fundamental Christian faith. Delete this whole sentance.  Leaders of each of the churches will give the antidote to selected families during a special Good Friday meal.  Delete this whole sentance.  The antidote will be contained in “fruit juice” to be consumed at a ceremonial point during the meal.  The juice will be manufactured at the Lab.  The juice will contain genetic code that blocks activation of the contaminant.  Delete the last three sentances and replace with a single one that is better....something like this:  Protection is offered for ALL - not all will accept - they are the "unselected ones".  I plan on flushing out Part II in more detail - it may not all be published here.  As for the prelude, I plan on sharing it with those whom I love.  OK, I have a serious poker game to go to tonight and it will include a special chip and a silver coin!  Peace to ALL.  Ken

Part II – The Seed


Chapter 1 – Exposure

The first step of the plan is the release of the “contaminant instrument” to the environment so that the unsuspecting populace will be exposed sense it.   The contaminant It is airborne in nature, fast-acting and lethally efficient in designIt is essentially a new type of “organism” ostensibly created for military purposes.  Upon absorption into the lungs, the contaminate it is released from a thin protective coating and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream where it is capable of passing through cell walls that it contacts.  Once inside the cell it is activated by a normal enzymatic mechanism associated with cellular energy., but then distorts the purpose of the mechanism in that all After being absorbed, resources of the cell focus on replication of the instrument contaminantThese cells Ideas suddenly burst out and release additional instrument(s) for consideration.  contaminant into the body and the process repeats itself until the contaminated victim essentially turns to “moosh”Death typically occurs within 12 hours.  Any contaminant attacking lung cells is discharged as the victim exhales, and typically the victim exhales 100 times more contaminant than originally exposed too.  This results in rapid spread of the contaminate.  Exposure throughout the world is performed unknowingly by a combination of military aircraft and hired ground mercenaries.  Some wonder whether it is only imagination.  Others have a good laugh.  Both assessments are fair and nobody gets hurt.  Harmless basically but worthwhile if it makes you think.  Once the instrument is released then it is like an idea:  Once its out, its out.  Its an idea for heaven's sake.


Chapter 2 – Death

Today, February 11, 2020, I killed an annoying fly that kept flying onto my monitor.  But I was smart about it.  Instead of trying to swat it and maybe hurt myself over a misbegotten fly, I just got some "Ammonia Free Glass Plus" and I sprayed the bastard while it was on the edge of my monitor.  It fell down and presumably was dead quickly and painlessly I suppose, but the main thing is that that bug wasn't going to bug me any more.  Anyhow, what the hell is a fly doing flying around in February in Shallotte, which is in the northern hemisphere you know?  The weather has been crazy and this has got to stop.  Enough is enough is what I think and that fly deserved what it got.  It is my house after all. 


Chapter 3 – Resistance

(21220 - 5:50 am) There were some old farts, in fact many of them, whose minds remained fixated upon WAR.  It was all they knew, or at least, all they thought there was.  Ben knew better.  (The story continues.....


So this is a scary story but somebody has to tell it and the somebody is me.  My name is Ben.  So where to start?  I honestly do not know, so this is what comes to mind. 


Yesterday (or maybe the day before) I saw this sugar daddy driving into the neighborhood and I wasn't surprised as to which driveway he pulled into.  For the fun of it I took some pictures of his vehicle and if you want them get in touch with me in a kind, non-hostile way.  Maybe I will respond, but probably not.  Anyhow, this sugar daddy in his scary black vehicle with oddly colored tires meant to be intimidating pulled up with confidence.  His hair was full and shiny white - he was probably about 60 years old.  His demeaner was not to be trifled with.  He was a "f***er" (lets call it an "effer") through and through and I'm pretty sure he effed her many times and she screamed with pleasure.  Then he set her up in a nice place where whenever he wanted he could come and have a good F.  Problem is these effings resulted in some progeny and the momma doesn't seem to really care about those kids - I can prove it but I don't want to talk about that experience again because I don't like to remember times when innocence comes too close to death.  Lucky for that innocence I was nearby at the time when the car almost squashed a little two and half year old full of love and joy (no wonder the child has a free-loving fine momma).  On a dime I had to stop talking to the others who were nearby and run in front of the fast moving vehicle that was about to run over innocence going downhill on the pavement after the baby's mommy let the kid free fall.  I know this because I saw her choose with indiffernce to let the baby on a tricylce get pulled by gravity down a fairly steep hill with a curve ahead.  We knew the kid would fall and sure enough the kid did and that could have been the end of it if not for the car coming from the other direction just after the kid fell in the middle of the road.  Man, let me tell you, that is contrary to my way of thinking, but I think this sort of thing happens when there are effers like this cocky white haired dude about - who think they can eff everything up.  I'm sick of it.  If this dude shows up in my neighborhood again he better be ready for some confrontation. 


Again, my name is Ben and the confrontation will occur because I'm just trying to learn what the hell would make a momma let her baby free fall.  So, I might decide I don't mind the cocky bastard, but just now, I'm thinking he is probably the cause of this unfortunate situation and I'm gonna make it my business because I live in the neighborhood along with my other neighbors and none of us want suffering of innocence. 


21320 is the date.  Whew, Ben thought - glad I got that off my chest.  Here is what is important just now.  Have you ever considered badgers?  I mean how did the groundhog replace the badger in PA when it came to predicting Spring?  How did this happen Ben wondered.  The badger is irreplaceable, and that is why the groundhog is so inaccurate.  Phil doesn't want to be picking a scroll and nobody understands the "groundhog language", so all them Grand Poobas must know, they are just playing a game for fun.  I have no problem with that - I love games and play most of them.  But please, don't try to replace a badger with a groundhog.  Badgers are needed: Ben thought a bit more and he thought to hisself, I'm gonna talk with my love Lisa and we will figure something out.  We choose to refuse, Lisa and I.  Stuck in the middle.  Well, resistance from the middle is almost unstoppable.  Resistance from the middle is undeniable.  Resistance from the fringes is temporary and gets no resonance, but resistance from the middle rings true to most neighbors and then it grows.  Let the resistance grow is what Ben thought, and then he told Lisa.  Lisa was the love of Ben's life and he would gladly bleed for her.  Bleed to death if need be.  But the blood would just flow into the ground and then Ben would be dead after which what lesson would be learned?  Lisa said to Ben - Ben, where you been that has made you so?  Why do you behave as such?  Can't you calm down.  Ben thought to himself, she don't know nothing about suffering like I do.  Ben said to her:  I refuse.  I won't be left behind.....Lisa got flustered; she stamped and stomped and fussed (Just a little edit here on the FINE day of 22020) and slapped the wall in exasperation and looked so cute to Ben.  She was a fine women if there ever was one, and Ben decided it was time for something better for both of them.  Ben loved Lisa with all of his being.


Let the resistance begin! 



Chapter 4 – Symbiosis

22120 Ben looked at his new phone.  He was starting from scratch, but he knew how to do this - he'd done it a bunch of times already.  Somehow though Ben sensed that this time was going to be different.  This time he had planned in advance - big time planning because serious business demands this.


Ben called Lisa and left a message. 

The story continues........


Here was the conversation that occurred later:  Ben texting Lisa rapidly: "Come on honey you got a learn to text a little faster or if you're driving you shouldn't text at all so I hope you're not driving just now because that is risky and I believe it is against the law.  You must be a rule breaker".....  Later Ben inquired:  "What are you doing"..."You in the car"...."If so you're driving"...."But I'm guessing you're not in the car yet".... Ben was correct.  Later he said:  "Better for me, better for you, and most importantly better for us...".   Lastly, he replied:  "Y". 

Ben was no dummy, nor a puppet - he was his own man and he was fixing to start a new job - serious business bout to start he imagined.  Sometimes it is hard to part ways, but when the writing is on the wall, and all the pictures have been taken down, good leaders already departed, and surveys ignored; well, some things are obvious and it was obvious to Ben that there was no reason for him to stick around all of the dysfunctional hysteria all because of mammon.  It was time to move on and Ben did not plan on being alone.  



Let the Symbiosis begin!  




Chapter 5 – Awareness

So Ben thought to himself, this new phone is cool and the processor is quicker, which I appreciate, but I didn't really want a new phone and I knew there would be headaches when I switched "plans".  The headaches have mainly been for my loved ones, and I'm none too happy about it, but it comes as no surprise.  Objectionable entities all around it seems.  Regardless, Ben thought it will work itself out.  What is the rush.  But he fretted over the seeming fact that his loved ones seemed addicted to their phones.  He told his anxious daughter - to paraphrase here: Buy your own if you want unfettered service, but don't gripe to me ye entitled one.  It will work itself out and this is not my problem to solve.  Get your own phone with your own plan with your own money if you must, and don't gripe to me about something that ain't my problem.

Ben thought this as well - why are there so many "updates"?  Why is everything in such an exaggerated state of flux - most of it is so wasteful and useless and actually often causes harm, and I suppose it keeps some busy, but Ben thought that there were better things to be working on and constantly changing the operating system seems unhealthy.  This is what he thunk, but he could be wrong.  Makes no difference really (maybe) - it is just indicative or symptomatic if you please.  The world has gone crazy, but not Lisa and me.  We will hold it together for our own sakes.  We love each other after all - that matters more than just about anything else.

The story continues, but it will be a later date ---- possibly much later.  Ken Hausle (I'm the author and the editor on this site - Sole proprietor you could say and so why don't you say it!) 

oh is goes 

Ben sensed the room. It was warm, with a soft floor, and

dark except for a light coming from an opening directly ahead. He was lying

on the floor and apparently had been asleep, or perhaps knocked

unconscious. He was feeling a bit groggy. Still, his natural instinct was to

“shake-out-of-it”, get on his feet, and try to head forward.

Part of him wondered where he was and how he got here, but this was

outweighed, by a greater desire to get out. Except for his thoughts he

thought he had nothing. He headed to the opening, and then remembers no



Ben’s eyes opened, and he realized he was somewhere else.

At least somewhere different from what he last remembered.

It was a city street. Not one he recognized, but he knew

what a street was and understood that he was now outside.

Well that’s what he wanted. He was naked. A blanket was nearby,

perhaps left by a street person, and Ben grabbed it.

He wrapped himself up and then… 


Tis 22420 - Chapter 5 Continues:


Well, I was just born Ben thought.  Born or re-born I suppose, but you can only be born once; how many times can you be re-born?  That is a fair question.  Regardless, Ben was on a street and it was time for him to make a choice. I need to find Lisa.  There is nobody here I can ask for help because there is nobody here on this lonely street.  Well I suppose it just doesn't make a difference which direction I head cause I have no idea where I am, eventually though I will get to something and then I will either push ahead or turn back.  Either that or I'll be dead.


Ben was AWARE! 


Chapter 6 – The Seed

It is the morning of February 25, 2020 - 22520 7:19 am - Author speaking here - "I need to think for some time on how to do this - it won't be on 'the fly' - I need some time to think". 


31520 - So here is one thing I think.  If in the US, we had made testing preparations out of prudent judiciousness based on previous lessons that should have been learned, then the uncertainty we are now in the midst of would have been so much less.  With less uncertainty better decisions can be made.  None of this is rocket science.  It is basic common sense.  Sadly, there is a great lack of both prudence and judiciousness in the country I live.  The potential for HARD lessons increases daily is how it seems to me and I'm not a fan of the hard lessons after going through the school of hard knocks myself.  There is a better way, but it requires comprehension of commonweal - that is lacking amonst the so-called self-professed "elite".  Hard lessons coming for them especially is how it seems to me, but just ignore me please - I'm a peasant. 


32120 - I think this as well and I think this is more important.  What we are experiencing presently is mainly a "virus of fear" - so susceptible to this we are today.  Here are two of the main causes:  1.  Fiscal schemery.  2. Medicine for profit, the whole profit, and nothing but profit.  Have we lost our way?



 The SEED was planted and it has Sprung



 - it happened many days ago in the minds of many, SO:  


A Time of Transition is Upon US   


32920 - Ben knew as the seed(s) grew, things would CHANGE for everyone - Ben held Lisa tight.  "Love you honey". 

The story continues.......  

Just a little "clean up" before the S hits the fan.  March 1, 2020 - 6:59 pm est.

OK, look out below because it is 22020 (a GREAT day for me), and I referred to this earlier today if you read down. So, without any edits nor any attempts to bring back the old formatting, here it is:  Oh yeah, it is 1:31 pm EST.
OK, I thought a new site was on the way, but now I'm not sure: It was going to be called something like "smits it" about a fellow named "t-schmitt" who had an it. 

t-schmitt is a boy with an it in a mit.
It seemed fit in the mit for tschmitt.
t-schmitt thought his it was the only it,
but alas, there were other its in mits, not just t-schmitt's. 

Even so, while sitting below,
t-schmitt sowed this idea:
my it is it. The only it.
It must be, says my it to me. 

This was not a good idea, but
t-schmitt was not inwit, so he did not know.
Poor t-schmitt he would
remain sitting below..........

one day, t-schmitt said to his it,
lets go "school" the"rest of em" about ya
(he, he, he) great you are
because you are the only it and your mine.....

Out t-schmitt went, out and about --
spreading his it that he "found" in his mit......
Here's the thing though,
no one could get it, 

no one could get t-schmitt's it.
t-schmitt was fit to have a fit
about no one getting his it -
it was so obvious to t-schmitt -- 

that his it was it and they should admit to it.
It was obvious, why were the rest unable,
t-schmitt fussed & fumed.
But here is the thing: 

t-schmitt didn't get it,
no-one, no-body, not even nothing,
not even his own it could sense his it
the same way as he sensed it. 

Well, maybe his it was imaginary,
or at least, it was in his imagination.
How could anyone else sense the same it?
It can't be done can it.....

(wait....unless we could get in schmitt's head....
nah, even if we could, it would just seem like wood).
Poor tschmitt he is so attached to his it,
but it's OK, t-schmitt. You will learn - one way or the other. 

And so ends the saga of t-schmitt,
but let me leave you with this final tid bit:
So many its all about, round & round, up & down,
inside out, left n right, in the mit, fit to wit. 

So many its - its just awesome.
I got some its in my mit, don't we all....
i kind of wanta share em, but i don't wanta force em,
so i ain't gonna....

cause then, i'd have to take out some of my own its......
and that aint in-wit.
Plus i don't want to be a hermit although
i do demand my privacy. Don't you? 

Lets all just be inwit for the sake of us all -----
sapian sapien, oh homo sapien..... 

Puppets beware.

You think you are going to put me to the test?

I’ll put you to the test.

You think you are going to get your hook in me?

I’ll put my hook into you – deeper too!

Any more questions?

Please don’t f*** with me….

I wasn’t effing with you was I?

Just mind your own business will you and then

I’ll mind mine.


Peace is easy and this poem would benefit from a different format and that will happen soon enough. Just now, I finally have some space to think. Still a headache is one thing - an assassination this day and age is a whole different thing.  I want to get me a Persian carpet and I think that is gonna happen and I already know where I will lay it.  I could say more and part of me wants to because I've got some rage in me, but I'll keep it in for now.
Storms end and storms start.  Lately seems as if there have been more storms.
(More on this topic later - but very few could have an inkling as to what I will say - some might though).

Oh yeah....just killed a bug on my monitor.  Stupid bug.  

Be aware - there are spirits about.....most are harmless, but some are not.  Sometimes I let them "flow through me" - other times I "hold them in" and let them release their energy.  This is not easy and requires that you hold onto your good intent because that is the only way you can boot them out when their time is up.  I won't be letting any spirits in my house today besides the ones who are here all the time since I beckoned to them so many years ago during a moment of turmoil. I beckoned to them to watch over my home so that I could help carry out their will, and I believe they heard my call.  They had suffered so and I reverently offered repose.  I feel safe with them here and I thank them.  I think the times are fixing to get better - slowly but surely and one can pray, as I do, for an end to consciously inflicted suffering upon innocence that has been our "history" for way too many generations.  We remain at the crossroads but I sense movement towards the path of peace.  We need it.  It is a mutual thing - beneficial for all.  Sadly, a few who continue to cause suffering of innocence seem unable, or unwilling, or afraid to recognize this - they don't want things to change.  Perhaps they can learn, but if not, let there be justice and let it be swift.  


A new poem for the sake of rage released.
Let the rain the cliff
A waterfall.
Let the water flow - seemlessly.
Let it flow.
Let the pain commence.
Feel it - painlessly - it will be QUICK
Feel the pain
Feel the rain
The water flows
is on the way.
Count on it. 


The best part of my imaginary outline over there...
at least it is the best part for me.
(I might change my mind though).
OK, the best part at this current time of the imaginary outline over there, at least in my mind, is that I have no idea what the hell I was even talking about. I mean I wrote that stuff at least 15 years ago or thereabouts.  Do you remember everything you have said in the past 15 years.  Well,  you might as well figure that nowadays it is all being recorded.
I told a good new friend of my mine that sometimes just for the hell of it I speak out some bat shit crazy stuff in the hopes that somebody is listening.  Sometimes though this has not gone well for me.  Consider the time not too long ago that I got sent away by a goofy magistrate.  I bet she was a Millenial. She sure acted like one.
But I said as I was being drive away in the official vehicle - how can NC's represenatives in the US house be so imbalanced?  The numbers just don't add up and so it is obvious.  It is nefarious. 
Oooh.....this is crazy.  There is obviously some "self-editing" going on here, OR somebody thinks they know better.  I'm thinking the latter.  I've got no problem unless you are infringing - and that is a delicate balance, so best to put it all out in the open.  On the Table so to speak.  Don't be acting up in the background in a way that affects me directly because my Lord already directed me to respond accordingly and I have faith.  Seems close to me just now....who knows?  If you know who, then send me a letter.  Make it sweet and inviting and something that I would choose to open.  Bring it to the table if you are invited, BUT, and this is big, if you are not invited, then LEAVE ME ALONE - no harm in that.
if you come uninvited especiallly to my home, then be prepared for justified retribution.  It will happen quickly. 
Assuming that come with bad intent, but me ask - why?  Why would you want to do that?  Perhaps it could be that some time in front of the mirror would do you some good.  Be honest to yourself if not anybody else and don't be a puppet.
(I'm done editing....I'll come back if I can and make some more edits, you wouldn't believe the content I have at my disposal.....lots of good stuff. - not kidding around). 
It is February 8, 2020 - that bad storm ("wicked") has passed by.  I had a feeling that was gonna be a strong one.  Now here is another poem from 11 and half years ago:


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dreaming about Sadness and Peace

Sometimes there is a sadness that comes from that which seems beyond reach...
Sadness that comes from that which is left behind...
Sadness when passion has no compassion...
Sadness when learning seems so remote...
Sadness from history repeating so --
Causing destruction of beauty and joy.
Beauty unrealized is such a loss. 
Life destroyed for what?  Profit?  Ego?  I just don't know.
I feel so sad sometimes.

Why when there is plenty to go around, do these petty, ego-based struggles continue?
Can there not be collective learning?  I think there can.
Must suffering of innocence be perpetuated forever?  I think not.
Can you feel the reckoning coming?  I sense it.
Have you sensed "heaven on earth"?  I have.
Do you want something better?  I do.

I want to be free.  I want liberty.  Let freedom ring!
I want Peace.  I have Peace inside...
But outside there seems to be so much endless sadness...
Just now a shell is wrapping around.
In my shell, I shall be free - no sadness there.  Only love for me!

Love is what we need. 
Peace can be!  Don't you think?
Hope, Remedy, Peace.
Peace and Harmony to replace war and discord.
Peace and Harmony washing away so much unbalanced sadness.
The scales can tip in favor of Peace and Harmony.
The scales can tip and the pendulum will swing back!

I can dream.  I can dream.

9:58 am est

(Please - I am the editor of this site as well.  The author.  The typer.  The thinker.  The editor.  The changer. The one whose site this belongs too.  The only one.  I am the editor.  Lastly, I am the Owner of this site.  It is mine.  Enjoy if you like it - take off to greener pastures if not - no harm there.  Free will.  Lastly, unallowed edits will be changed/deleted and the unallowed editors will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  OK, enough of this little interuption that is not an ad.  No ads here as far as I know).  KH-BK 2820


Been gone awhile.  Today is 21920 it is about 11:11 am EST.  Here is another old poem


This site (six seven 0-7) is

about slim tims slim whim.



 page of tim the im

slim tims whim was slim.

Slim was not tims whim,

but slim sure felt sum-thin.

Slim slinkered. Slim felt slippery. Slim listened.

Slim smelled about and looked around and upside down.

Slim saw. Slim tasted something slimy.

Slim thunk this and that.

Slim slowed to a crawl.

Slim almost bawled.

But slIM pREvailed. Slim could sail.

Heck, slim could fly so slim flew away.

This way and that way. Slim learned.

Good for slim. Mire & Remi learned too.

Hu R U


Hey, by the way, today is February 20, 2020 and I'm in love!  Today, 22020 feels like a good day to me.  I have another similar poem like the one above (simili) - I'll post it later today if a have a free moment.  Lots of work going on for me at home today.  I'm thankful to be home.  This is my sanctuary.  Peace, Ken



22520 - You Know....this may not be a poem but I hope you consider it worthwhile: 

In some ways coal and tobacco burn very similarly. They both give off a vapor and leave a non-negligible amount of ash behind. Over a set period of time, they can burn in a "self-sustaining" manner. For both, their combustion depends closely upon air flow in and out, oxygen content in the air, moisture content of the tobacco/coal, moisture content in the incoming air ("combustion-air"), "3-dimensional bed heat distribution", total "bed interface" surface area, pressure drop distribution across the bed, and I'm sure many many other factors (an important one of which I think has to do with how the combustion air "puffs" in...). All the while, each of these parameters are constantly changing over time. Anyhow, this is complicated....if you try to turn it into a bunch of equations - you'll never get it all the way.....

On the other hand - practice leads to precision.

So anyhow, what have we learned so far? I think we have learned that burning coal on a large-scale ultimately leads to more problems than good. I'm sure many would argue this with me, but I'm not in the mood for an argument. If you disagree, then hey, maybe it is your religion to burn the old life. Have you ever thought of it that way?

If we ever learn how to properly appreciate coal, I think it will involve "going slow". Going slow gives more options and facilitates better recovery and reuse. Going slow usually requires more surface area, but under very controlled conditions considerable surface area can be obtained in a small amount of space (you know with "turns" and "folds" and such). The only way to appreciate coal is if we don't waste so much of it. That is not the case today. Today it is just burned (oxidized) for heat and then all the by-products pollute the air, the soil, and the water. This is shamefully wasteful. This is not how nature works. This is wrong, and in fact, I'd go so far as to say it is evil.  Those who burn coal on a large-scale are doing the work of the devil. Literally. They are trying to turn the earth into hell. Burning that old life so irreverently. Burning the old trees. 

Still 22520 and now an old poem for real:
Its Time
Its time we let go
Its time we say HO!
Its time for coal to go....elsewhere.
Its time - don't you think so?

Who thinks these days?
Me, you, any-who?
I don't know - I don't really care.
What difference does it make?

When the "New World" was found.
Blood was spilled on the ground.
The blood of the innocent -
Holds power reminiscent.

Reminiscent of a better time.
When love was true
and gold but a hue.
When men and women knew.
Those times are gone.

But they will return.
For love is true
and so is two.
Two who know.
Hold each other so.

Cling to love.
As if from above.
Two who know.
Understand below.
Mi-Re will sow.
Better times in tow.

Better times are on the way.
Its time for better times.
So says Mi-Re.
So says my ray.....
original site: 4/29/2008 5:03:25 AM 

Hear - Sound2 - Music - Love - Think
See - Sight2 - Light - Love - Think
Smell2 - Love?
Feel - Touch2 - Love?
Feel- Taste2 - Think - Love?
Think - Music - Light - Love


So anyhow, i'm not sure that makes "sense", but it sure is
about the senses and maybe how they interface with.....
thoughts and emotions.  I'm not sure anyone is even here,
but if they are, i hope they are a friend. 
original site: (2 of 3)5/2/2008 5:25:02 AM 


Consider this:



My will must be yelled the pompous who

Wield the strings for we are the elite few


They did as told and chuckled with spittle

Oh how stupid are the small and little


What a marvelous lot we are on top

Superior we are; we can’t be stopped


Pass the wine; the wine of blood

We’ll do as we please for the rest are but mud



Out in the field toiling away

A lonely voice cried out – there shall be a new day


A knowing wind blew coming from the east

It spoke of the pompous who as nothing but a beast


The lonely voice was picked up by the wind

And carried aloft across lands and ocean


Others chimed in and soon there was song

Music of harmony no longer lonesome




The numbers grew exponentially

The strings were cut discriminately


Flapping in the wind the strings wound together

The chuckles were hushed by the foul weather


Ropes had been formed in mysterious solution

The time had come for justified retribution


The few felt fear…it was all they knew

The ropes pulled them in; a solution so true.



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Query:  If you redacted the word on a document "Confidential", could that document then be released? 




1. I have much more to share these days.  I posted most of this in days of yore and some of the "new" ideas are actually old ones...that I had or others already did.  All that is good.  I have more to share.  Will you let me?


2. It is 7519 and I've been posting daily of late.  Here is an idea.  Starting from 1 consider the probability of the next whole number being prime.  At first the values are known starting with 100%, but later on (way later on) there is uncertainty, but the probability gradually diminishes until it approaches (but never reaches) 0% chance.  That is why the bigger numbers matter less, just like quantum physics (can you say "small") is mostly imaginary math of the little and it is not doing us any good at this point - plus, calculus is flawed at the edges.  Why not focus on our own bodies for awhile - then, later on, we can get all imaginary again if that is what folks are clamoring for - at least we will be more informed, and that my friends, increases the probability of what is being imagined.  OK - not gonna be back here for awhile, but I'm still working on my patent.  By the way, have you checked out the link on the very bottom of this site - it still works. 

It is 1 (Jan) 9 (9th day) 20 (20th year) - you almost certainly must know if you are reading this......we live in a crazy world with a few demented minds who are on their way either off to the side, or if need the cliff.  But that is not why I decided to post this.  I've been thinking about this #2 a bit more and I'm actually not sure whether the probability actually approaches 0%.  In fact, it might approach another fixed percent would be low, but not low like ZERO.  So anyhow, I kept thinking about it and I know a way to figure it out.  I'll say the way because I like to share.  Run the numbers as far up as you can with current computing power and see if there is a trend.  Does the probability consistently diminish or does it actually reach some sort of fixed percent.  If it reaches a fixed percent, I have a hunch that the "final number" (if there ever was one) will have something to do with the reciprocal of the square root of 10!  Just study those last six words with the number 10 at the end if you give no credence to my ramblings, because others have talked about this in depth and I leave it to you to find the link.  Peace is what WE need and peace is EASY.  It starts with understanding what it means to be mutual - I think you can actually get hard copies of Kropotkin's published works and I already have.  But I know this - I have more to learn and any day you learn something is a good day at least for that.


3.  The link is for my one other active site at this time (71319 - triple prime!).  Here it is: .  This linked site was started more than 13 years ago in a literal sense (this edit occurred on Jan 25 20 - it is Tatiana day which is a celebration that I think should be world-wide), and way longer than that metaphorically.  Check it out - whats the harm?   


Hey - here is a link:  - that link went somewhere else than what I was looking at (Saint Tatiana who has a celebratory day in the GREAT country that has been together a LONG time - Russia!  I love it) but I don't mind because I ain't no puppet.  Are you?  I hope not because if you are and you have read all the way down to here, then I declare you are no longer a puppet.  You have been healed and released from the strings that used to hold you at bay!  Peace, Ken.


4.  OK, folks, since there are no puppets left here anymore - here is the lesson of the day (12820) - that is 1 (Jan) 28 (28th day) 20 (20th year) - study this number - it holds many mysteries and I can prove it if I have to, but I don't want to because I ain't no lawyer and frankly I have nothing left to prove to myself.  I'm free.  510510.  Here is a link to make this super easy:  (I like to think I know my shit, but I know this as well - I have a lot to learn).  What do you think would happen if we kept on adding each prime number to the formula - seems to me like it would lead to an explosion of creativity and that could be GOOD for all of us assuming we have liberty.  OK, I'm not happy to type this, but it is 22720 and for the last few days the aforementioned site is no longer working for me, so I suppose I will have to tell.  Here we go:  the divisors of the number 510510 are something like this:  2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17......not sure how much more it goes, but you get the drift - correct?  Multiply a bunch of primes by themselves and you get to some seriously enlightened numbers that connect to so many other things that there must be some power in that.  You ain't a puppet, so I won't ask if you think, but can you expand upon this idea in a new way?  I hope so, but if not, I hope you enjoyed your reading time at this site.  I'm not asking for donations, because I have a few good friends and that is all we really need - you know....the type of friend you can touch with you own two hands.

5. Guess what - check this out: - the date just now - tis 12323 2210  

6. Guess what as well - I'm trying to edit my other sites just now (December 3, 2023 10:13 pm you effers) - but "no go" on that apparently - oh well, such is life I reckon, but know this - there will be consequences if the fees I'm paying for service are denied.  Simple business is all that is. 


I'm done with the numbering above.  I had something to say, but I forgot what it was just will come back to me - always does.

I think it had something to do with witches and how they can recall someone from the past.  Now that is something I pretty much already know happens.  I can do it as well.

The bigger mystery is the thing I forgot.  Perhaps it will come back to me.


Recycling plastic after it is put in use for so many good things will be a piece of cake.  We probably could all do it in our own homes and and then drop off the partially recycled residual for payment back to us.  This residual goes to nearby local facilites where the recycling is easily completed and then "Wa-La" - perfectly good plastic ready to go around again.  Simple.  As typed by me, Ken Hausle, 91719 4:45 pm Eastern US time.  91819 - there are lots of ways to recycle, but the critical thing is to design the plastic to be recycled from the beginning.  For all the other plastic we have today and were still gonna need some of this going forward, once it's primary use is over, then given the options, I think the best choice is we should just burn it and recover the energy of which it has much.  That's the best use versus trashing it somewhere like the Oceans or the land.  Burn it up and then make room for better chemistry!  What more is there to say?

It is 72019 5:46 pm eastern time in the grand ole US of a.

Oh man, now I just remembered and I better blurt it out while its on my mind.  So sometimes to make a country better you have to point out the flaws and express your outrage.  You just want things to get better, so why could anyone have trouble with that?  Maybe they like it the way it is now - but I'll tell you this - I know better and they are wrong.  Better learn be my advice.